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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay my ticket first or do I take the class first?
You can do either one; if you do decide to pay the ticket first, make you sure you let them know you elected for the school option, in which they will usually give you 60 days for you to show them the certificate. This is the best option if you ticket due date is almost up.

What do I gain from coming to the Basic Driver Improvement Course?
The Traffic School will prevent any points from a particular ticket to be put on your Drivers License. Points on your license can lead to license suspension, and will most likely raise your insurance rate.

What are the limits the law has set up on taking the Basic Driver Improvement Course?
You can only take the course for one ticket, you can only take it once every 12 months, and you can only take it five times in your life.

What can I do if I get my license suspended?
In most cases you can take the 12 hour Advanced Driving Improvement course, needless to say, you do not wish to be in a position where you need to take this course.

What happens if I pay the ticket, and elect to take the course, but fail to show the certificate within 60 days?
Your license will be suspended. If you feel that you cannot present the course certificate within the given time, you can ask for a week extension, or you can simply pay the discount difference and receive the ticket without doing the course. Although points on your license are regrettable, it is better than getting your license suspended.

Where do I pay my ticket?
You pay it at the respective Clerk of Court of the county you got you ticket from, the Clerk of Court of Collier County is located across from us.

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